A Blockchain-based
Energy Ecosystem
Powered by AI

About Us

EtainPower is a renewable energy financing and trading ecosystem empowered by both blockchain
and AI technologies.Backed by a team of top-tier engineers from Silicon Valley,we introduced a
groundbreaking blockchain architecture to tokenize global renewable energy assets,allowing them to
be traded rapidly and freely through our highly decentralized blockchain technology platform in a fast
and safe way.

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Welcome to EtainPower

EPR Token is a platform currency that is circulated in the EtainPower energy ecosystem.
The platform currency can be used for diverse energy consumption, project voting, and project revenue sharing.
At the same time, the EPR Token can be used to invest in various types of high-quality renewable energy projects.

Blockchian Technology
Artificial Intelligence
EPR Token


Blockchain technology is an innovative internet database technology.It is an independent,
decentralized,verifiable,and permanent database that coexists in multiple locations and is shared by
the community.By design,blockchain is inherently resistant to data tampering. Once a transaction
happens on the platform,it is verified by everyone within the platform.


Tokenized Renewable
Energy Financing


Multiple Usage of Our
Energy Token


Continuous Value
Growth of EPR Token


Intelligent Power

Projects Portfolio

Name: Patten University

Type: Distributed PV

Installed Capacity: 150 Kw

Investment: $ 225,000

Location: USA

Name: WJU

Type: Distributed PV

Installed Capacity: 1 MW

Investment: $ 1,500,000

Location: USA

Name: Côte d’Ivoire

Type: Hydropower

Installed Capacity: 36 MW

Investment: $ 46,800,000

Location: Côte d’Ivoire

Name: Inner Mongolia

Type: Distributed PV

Installed Capacity:8.8 MW

Investment: $ 13,200,000

Location: China

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EtainPower Roadmap

officially started

PPS Wallet 1.0
Finalizing auditing criterion
for project financing

Crowdfunding Platform

Releasing P2P trading applications
EV-rental & EV-Charging services


Sign contract with Antigua power utilities

EtainPower Token sale
PPS Crowdfounding Platform.beta
600MW Energy projects contracts signed

Raising capital for 4 GW projects

Smart grid system 2.0
Rasising Capital for 16 GW projects

Meet With Our Team

Our founding team has extensive experience in the fields of renewable energy, blockchain and artificial
intelligence. We combine blockchain and AI technologies and apply them to the global energy
network with the goal to break the monopoly position of traditional energy giants and bring true
decentralization to the smart energy ecosystem.

Steven Dong

Founder & CEO

Serial Entrepreneur,founder of educational consulting and biotech companies.

Four years of research and investment experience in Blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Seven years of investment experience in the U.S private equity & investment banking industry.

Fei Wang

Co-founder & CTO

M.S., Carnegie Mellon University, Computer Science.

10+ years of software development experience.

Blockchain engineer.

Senior Software engineer at Uber, Luxe, SK Planet.

Lead engineer at Breaktime Studios and Crystal Dynamics.

Ethan Wang

Co-founder & Former CTO

M.S., University of Iowa, Informatics.

10+ years of software development experience.

Blockchain engineer, Apache Phoenix Committer.

Senior Software engineer at Facebook, Salesforce.

CTO at Yinicsoft Software.

Ran Duan

Director of Marketing

M.B.A, University of La Verne.

3 years of Media PR experience.

2+ years of investment experience in Blockchain.

Marketing Analyst in Novaland Media Inc.

Business Operations in Dongfang Marketing Inc.

Jeffrey Zhang

Blockchain Engineer

B.S., University of California, Davis, Computer Science.

6 years of software development experience.

Blockchain Engineer.

Software Engineer at Calwave Technologies.

Cheng Ma

Software Engineer

M.S., Stevens Institute of Technology, Computer Engineering.

5 years of software development experience.

Previous experience of building full-stack Dapps.

Software Engineer at NetPosa.

Kewen Cheng

Smartgrid Architecture

20+ years of experience in energy and smart grid.

VP of Engineer & Operation at Calwave Technologies.

Managing Director at CAL Electric & Solar.

Senior manager and engineer at MoSys, Atmel and Alliance Semiconductor.

Max Guo

Software Engineer

B.S., University of California, Davis, Computer Science.

4 years of software development experience.

Data analyst at UNU Electronics.

Liya Zeng

Director of BD & Marketing
(Korea & Japan Market)

Master of Law, Sungkyon University (M.L.).

4 Years + Media & Marketing Experience.

2 Years + Block Chain Research Experience.

Customer Manager - Ningbo Xing Xin Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.

Planning Assistant - Ningbo Harbour City Real Estate Co., Ltd.

Journalist - Strait Herald agency of Fujian daily newspaper group

Lance Ma

Project Development Manager

MBA, Philadelphia University.

Business Development Manager at Calwave Technologies Inc.

Business development expert in smart energy industry.

Antonio Salvatore

Social Media Operations

Cryptocurrency and social media marketing expert.

Founder of Salvo Social Media.

Serial entrepreneur.

Worked at Applied Materials and Zoi

David Tschan

Community Manager

Designer at EAO,SwitzerlandOperation.

Officer at Salvo Social Media.

Expert in digital marketing and video production.


Tom Kosnik, Ph.D.

Professor at Stanford

Partner at FoundersX Ventures

Professor of Technology Ventures Program, Stanford University.

Expert in Global Entrepreneurial Marketing, Technology.

Entrepreneurship, and New Venture Creation.

Tony Hu, Ph.D

Ph.D., Stanford University.

Algorithm Researcher.

Data Scientist.

Partner at William Jessup University.

Shuming Cheng

25+ years of experience in electric power system engineering.

Senior Engineer, Program Manager.

VP of Production at State Grid Corporation of China.

Jijun Ye

EMBA, Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business.

B.S., Tsinghua University, Precision Instruments.

B.S., Beijing University of Science and Technology, Mechanical Engineering.

25+ years of experience in High-tech and Solar energy industry.

CEO for multiple large Solar Corporations in China.

Yong He Ph.D.

EMBCEO of DeepBrain Chain.

AI expert.

The world’s first AI speakers inventor.

Dongyan Wang Ph.D.

Partner of Blue Rising Capital.

CAO of DeepBrain Chain.

20+ years experience in AI.

10+ granted US patents.

10+ international patents.

30+ pending patents mostly in AI

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